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RC 4 Excellence


In nature the RC 4 Excellence is Excellence, this cartridge has enabled many shooters to achieve their hopes and dreams

Offering 20mm of brass with a black case; this cartridge achives elegance and performance seconded to non in the clay competition world

RC4 Excellence have won 19 Olympic medals, including 7 Gold from the last 5 Olympics.  On top of this they have won at least 1 Gold medal in every WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP since 1998!



Cartridge Load gms Shot size Wad Lead Length mm Velocity V1
RC 4 Excellence 24 7.5, 8 , 9.5 Plastic Super Temp 20 70 415
RC 4 Excellence 28 7.5, 8 , 9.5 Plastic Super Temp 20 70 410


* Indicative Ballistic Data (full choke)
V1 (m/sec) = Speed is measured at 1 meter from the barrels
All Ballistic Data are carried out in full comformity to C.I.P. regulations

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