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Bioammo Lux - Lead


The first 0% plastic cartridge on the market with 100% biodegradable, bio-compostable CASE and WAD

Specifically designed for the hunter and game shooter who is seeking maximum quality and efficiency without compromising their commitment to the environment.


Cartridge Load gms Shot size Wad Lead Length mm Velocity V1
Bioammo Lux 30 5,6 ECO Temp 16 70 407
Bioammo Lux 32 5,6 ECO Temp 16 70 405
Bioammo Lux 34 4,5 ECO Temp 25 70 403


* Indicative Ballistic Data (full choke)
V1 (m/sec) = Speed is measured at 1 meter from the barrels
All Ballistic Data are carried out in full comformity to C.I.P. regulations

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